Harald Russegger , Mag.


Graben 5

A-5301 Eugendorf

Austria, EU-rope


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Education & Experience

Bundesrealgymnasium Hallein / Salzburg / Austria

Magister Psychology / Computer Science (University of Salzburg) (combined study)

Technical (IT Admin / Research Software Developer) Research Assistant Neural/Cognitive-Science Research at University of Salzburg (Department of Physio-Psychology, Prof Dr. Klimesch)

Co-author 3 international cognitive science papers with 1657+ citations

Digital Audio-Video prae/peri/post Production (academic courses at University of Salzburg, NAWI AV-Studio)

E-Government/ Open Government / Data and IT security / (academic courses at University of Krems)

Expertise in Mental Coaching  (Academic course at FH Potsdam)

Webdevelopment / Webdesign / Internationalisation Content Management (Sony Europe)

Project/Program/Department management ebusiness /eCRM (Sony Europe)

E-learning project management & conception (several EU-projects (ESF))

Self-employed multimedia/Video Producer (several projects)

Self-employed Trainer/coach for multimedia/ digital video /webdevelopment / Social Media / Video-conferencing / Soft-skills / Internet Security

Self-employed Servcie provider for Internationalisation / Localisation management / content management (founder of mondolingua.com professional translation & content management)

Self-employed Video streaming & conferencing consultant /coach / Support in several eu-projects

Self-employed webdevelopment / Data-Mining/Management / IT Security consultant  (founder of Bitdynamo.com)

Self-employed Digitalisation / AI / Cyber ethics consultant

Webinar Trainer / Consultant / Moderation / Webinar Tech-Support in cooperation with  MILENU Gmbh

Experiences as Lecturer

Trainer IT Skills at University of Salzburg (1996-1999, 2004-2006)

Soft skills / Digital Skill Trainer in the private sector (2004 – 2018) 

Lecturer at Seeburg Private University Seekirchen (2018 – Today):

Lecturer at University of Klagenfurt (2023 – Today)

Lecturer at University of Salzburg (55+ Program 2024 – )

Praxisprojekt / Projektmanagement mit Fokus auf Digital Business (UM/SS23/BA/BWL BF DB/4)

Digitalisierung (UM/WS2223/BA/BWL/5)

Digitalisierung (UM/WS2122/BA/BWL/5)

Digitalisierung (UM/WS2021/BA/BWL /5)

IT & Neue Medien: Einsatzfelder in der Wirtschaftspsychologie (UM/WS2122/BA/Wipsy/5)

Digitalisierung: Spezialthemen (BF Immobilienwirtschaft) (CW/WS2021/BA/BWL BF Immo/5)

Digitale Medien im Sport- und Eventmanagement- Gr. B (UM/WS2021/BA/Sport/5)

Marketing (UM/SS20/BA/WiPsy/2)

Marketing (UM/SS21/BA/Wipsy/2)

Marketing (CW/SS21/BA/Wipsy/2)

Digital Business (UM/WS2223/BA/BWL BF DB/3)

WPF: Digitaler Wandel & Virtual Reality (UM/SS21/MA/BWL/2)

WPF Digitaler Wandel & Virtual Reality (UM/SS20/MA/BWL/2)

WPF: BIGData & eCRM (CW/WS1920/BA/Wipsy/5)

WPF 2: BIGData & eCRM (UM/WS1920/BA/Wipsy/5)

Marketing (UM/SS19/BA/WiPsy/2)

Marketing (UM/SS18/BA/WiPsy/2)

Course Digitalisierung: VR Erlebnisse

Impressions from other VR Sessions


Lecturer WS2023/24 „Digitalisierung“ (Spezialthema KI und VR) 

Lecturer  WS2023/24  „Einführung in VR/Metaverse Umgebungen“  Universität Klagenfurt

Lecturer  SS2024 „Einführung in KI Tools und Anwendung“ Universität Klagenfurt

Lecturer  SS2024 „Einführung in die (generative) KI“ University Salzburg

Upcoming Lectures / Courses:

Lecturer  WS24/25 „Einführung in die (generative) KI“ University Salzburg

Lecturer  WS24/25 „Einführung in die (generative) KI“ Privat University Seeburg Seekirchen

Expertise highlights and current focus of interests


AI induced social Hallucinations, Social Robotics and Life Companions, Cyber-Psychology, Artificial Morality, Artificial Consciousness
Cognitive science, cognitive processing, soft-skills & e-competence training, design/evaluation of online questionnaires, surveys, conflict management, perception, team building, distributed project management, Management Coaching with Lego Serious Play elements, Internet & Society & Consciousness


Applied Artificial Intelligence in Work Environments and Education
Digital Transformation Consultant, Ethics of intelligent digital systems
Webdevelopment, Datamanagement, webinar technology & planning, innovative webinar didactics, social / psychological aspects of internet security / hacking, autonomous robotics, Education in VR/AR/XR Environments

New emerging digital transformation topics e.g. Cryptoconomy (eg. Block-chain, Tangle), (AGI) Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Consciousness, Industrie 4.0, Arbeit4.0, SynBio & Digitalisation, Health 4.0


Recently held talks

„Mehr Teilhabe durch digitale Anwendungen. Transparente KI als Voraussetzung für demokratische Prozesse“ Robert Jungk Bibliothek 2023

“Ethik der Künstlichen Intelligenz & Roboter Moral” Robert Jungk Bibliothek 2022

“Techno-Anarchy von unten – Blockchain, Tangle & Co” Robert Jungk Bibliothek

“Digitalisierung – Licht und Schatten” Robert Jungk Bibliothek

“Synthetisches Leben aus dem Computer” Robert Jungk Bibliothek für Zukunftsforschung

“Digit Food & In-vitro Nahrung”

„Digital Afterlife“  Robert Jungk Bibliothek 2023

„Wir sehen uns .. im Metaverse!“ Spring 2024 (SBWK)


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